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数据分析师 (SQL)

30k - 40k





Amazon Global Selling has been helping individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers around the globe. Today, more than 50% of Amazon's total unit sales come from third-party selection. The Global Selling team in China is responsible for recruiting local businesses to sell on Amazon’s 12 overseas marketplaces, and supporting local sellers’ success and growth on the Amazon. Our vision is to be the first choice for all types of Chinese business to go globally.

The PMO will drive close collaboration with many Amazon’s global teams to support the high-growth global selling business, launching large number of global and local programs and initiatives. As the Business Analysis Manager, you will develop the business insights to help Sellers better leverage the marketing tools (eg. ads, promotions), and improve end-to-end process of the events that Sellers participate in marketplaces worldwide. Main responsibilities include:

• Collaborate with marketplace and local program owners, build effective and efficient application process and insights to deliver high quality promotions/events
• Understand CN-based Sellers’ business needs, develop analysis and insights that can translate into product improvement requirements, and education materials that help Seller grow on Amazon
• Create regular and timely program update, define and track performance metrics, and drive operational excellence

• Bachelor's degree
• Experience with Excel
• 5+ year experience working in sales excellence, operation, or business program management role
• Proficiency with SQL
• Fluency in Chinese and English
• Experience analyzing data and metrics, delivering business insights, and proposing recommendations
关于亚马逊 About Amazon 亚马逊公司(纳斯达克代码:AMZN)是一家“财富500强”公司,总部位于西雅图,成立于1995年7月,目前已成为全球商品种类最多的网上零售商。亚马逊致力于成为全球最“以客户为中心”的公司,使客户能在公司网站上找到和发现任何他们想在线购买的商品,并努力为客户提供最低的价格。亚马逊和其他卖家提供数百万种独特的全新、翻新及二手商品,类别包括图书、影视、音乐和游戏、数码下载、电子和电脑、家居和园艺用品、玩具、婴幼儿用品、杂货、服饰、鞋类、珠宝、健康和美容用品、体育、户外用品、工具、以及汽车和工业产品等。 亚马逊云计算服务(Amazon Web Services)为亚马逊的开发人员提供基于其自有的后端技术平台的云基础架构服务。开发人员利用该技术平台可以实现几乎所有类型的业务。最新一代Kindle是迄今为止最轻、最便携的Kindle产品,采用最先进的6英寸电子墨水显示器,即便在强烈的阳光下也能提供如纸质书般的阅读体验。Kindle Touch是Kindle家族新成员,在兼备最先进的电子墨水技术全部优点的同时,其触摸屏设计让翻页、搜索、购物和记录等功能更加易用。Kindle Touch 3G是最高端的电子阅读器,拥有与Kindle Touch相同的设计和功能,而免费的3G服务则让其具有无可比拟的便捷性。Kindle Fire是Kindle家族的新成员,支持电影、电视、音乐、书籍、杂志、应用软件、游戏以及网页浏览等多种功能,并可享受亚马逊的免费云存储服务,同时还应用了Whispersync技术、Amazon Silk浏览器(亚马逊最新推出的革命性云加速浏览器),并具备色彩生动的触摸屏和强大的双核处理器。
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